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The democratic election of Sisi?

Sisi is elect president with 93% of the vote but how free and fair were the elections?

A revolution lost – Part 4 – Military crackdown

El-Sisi went from unknown general to almost certainly taking the presidency. Find out how he got there and what happened to the Muslim Brotherhood after the coup.

A revolution lost – Part 3 – The Islamic agenda

The first elected president of Egypt only lasted one year before a military coup.

Anti-Sisi protest turns violent

March to support an aressted activist and against el-Sisi’s presidental bid turns violent

A revolution lost – Part 2 – Military takes control

Part two of our special on Egypt’s revolution.

Life under the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and Egypt’s first ever free elections.

A revolution lost – Part 1 – The fall of the dictator

Part one of our special on Egypt’s revolution.

How the fall of Hosnai Mubarak came to be and the demands of the people.